Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Tired Tuesday

Well, a few things to be thankful for:

  1. I got a government bursary for my schooling.
  2. I will be moving in with my boyfriend in less than a day
  3. The final Harry Potter movie is coming out soon!
I have been a busy little bee lately fighting to finish the quilt for Pat before I leave.  I am not quite done, but pretty much there.  I had to stop for the night because it was late and my machine is fairly loud.

I started off the quilt by quilting a seam with the walking foot along each side of each seam with a 1/4" allowance on each side.  Here's a look from the back.

After I did that for the whole quilt, I flipped it sideways and did the same thing the other way.  Thankfully it was a lot easier to do that once I'd done the one direction.  I have a feeling it will take me a lot of practice to get the hang of this, it was tough with such a big quilt.

The thread I used is variegated brown/cream/gold.  How perfect could it get??  Anyways, I made my binding and then sewed it onto the front.  I only have to finish that up and the quilt will be done.  SO close!

The binding is a red (quite clearly) with a small star/flower type fabric.  I thought that a high contrast binding would add a little interest to my fairly monochromatic quilt.  Tomorrow I'll post a picture of it all finished up!

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