Sunday, 26 June 2011

A Little Lulu

I was in Saskatoon for a ball tournament this weekend.  We went through the round robin and then got rained out.  Insanely rained out.  So, we did what any great ball team would do in Saskatoon, we hit up Lululemon!  I didn't go too crazy because I'm a student.  But I went a bit crazier than a girl on a student loan should.  I justify it with the fact that I haven't bought anything there for 5 years.  So now it'll be another 5 years.

Hard to tell, but it's a mint green colour

I got that bag, a sweet pair of pants, and a top.  So anyone who has been there knows that's a lot.  I don't have anything about quilting today, but I was so tired from our extremely early mornings for ball that I just couldn't bring myself to do it when I got home.  Just parked myself in front of the TV.  Tomorrow I will hopefully be getting on it.

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