Friday, 10 June 2011

Hope is restored!

Funny how when Vancouver wins it's just as close of a game as can be!  Oh well...ONE MORE GAME!  Today was a busy day for me.  I had a midterm in the morning, and then finished piecing the rows for my baby quilt.  I will take pics when I get the whole quilt top pieced.  Once thing that I did finish though was covers for our rocking chair glider.

Here's what the chair cushions looked like before

Here is the new look. It's a shiny fabric, so it's very difficult to get a picture of.  However, I did what I could!  I got the measurements from the old covers and went from there.

Closer up you can see it's a tone-on-tone gold stripe.  I actually did an okay job, but I learned that you still need to sew right sides together with a zipper.  Don't ask.

Here are some lovely tulips from our garden!  They're pretty close to being done for so I figured that we could enjoy them inside for a bit!

Not too shabby!

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