Friday, 18 July 2014

Celestial Star QAL

Considering I didn't do a lot, I think I still have quite a few pictures to share.

First off I made my second bee block for this month.  This block pattern really caused me trouble.  Not sure what it was but I had a tough time with it.  It should make a really neat looking quilt when it's all done though!

July Bee Block

As for a finish, I made a dress for my little lady.  It used to be a skirt that I never wore so I cut it up to make a kind of pillowcase dress.  I used leftover fabric from my staple dress for the straps.  It fits fairly well but is shorter than I had anticipated.  Still pretty cute though!


Those blocks are waiting to be the last row in a quilt top, I'm excited to be done that top considering it has taken me 2 years so far.  Oops.  I just need to figure out the directionality and put it together.  Unfortunately in my zeal to finish this guy I got a bit laissez-faire with the piecing and now some of my hourglasses are facing the wrong way in the final product.  It bothers me, but not enough to do all that stitch ripping.  I'm hoping it'll be ok in the grand scheme, and the recipient will not mind.


I joined the Celestial Star QAL with from blank pages.  I have developed a great fondness for paper piecing, and I think that the block, along with its many possible looks is gorgeous.

My plan is to do a pillow for my couch, and then if it's not insurmountable I will also do a quilt top.  I did some colouring for the pillow (colours are way off but I only had highlighters at the time!).  I am making the 18" block for the pillow.


As you may guess from my fabric pieces I cut below, I have already strayed from my plan.  The centre star will all be one fabric instead of alternating.


This is the other fabric I have to go with the brown woodgrain.  My pillows will all be with these two, plus another aviary print.  But that's for another day.


Below I did some colouring to get the general idea of the patterns, using different colours when the time comes.  I used a permanent marker because it's all I had besides highlighters.  Oops.


below is my fabric pull for the quilt.  It's from the collection called Penelope.  I may pull a few other fabrics from my stash depending on how things go, but we'll see.   I'm planning to do  nine 24" blocks and I'll be picking out my favourite nine designs from above.  We shall see how things go!


This little peanut is 11 months.  I'm a little heart broken about that.  It's also almost impossible to get a good picture of her sitting still if she doesn't feel like it so the lighting is not so great in this shot.


Nana and Papa brought a couple little visitors that she fell in love with.



Looks like she's giving him heck here.

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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

WIP Wednesday, sort of

Contrary to the title, there isn't a ton of work in progress.

I have a bee block, pieces cut out, just waiting for me to pick it up again.


These blocks only needed to be pieced together and then added to the over half done top.


Aforementioned top is being carefully stored.


I decided to sort out my scraps, they were all mashed into one drawer.  But I didn't get enough buckets so that bag is holding more.  There is more than I thought!


I make a tank top!  It's from a pattern that came in the perfect pattern parcel 3.  It's called the Jorna Tank.  It's perfect because it's nice and long, loose, and swingy.  Although I prefer a little closer on the rib cage so I will make it again, and I may try altering the fit a bit.  Which is scary because I've just learned to follow a pattern, never mind change it.

Make up is for the weak?  Or less lazy.

Too many mosquitos to care about sun on my face.  Oops.

Back shots are awkward.
My husband told me I could use his credit card to buy fabric on the condition I make him a Star Wars bag.  Score!  So I hit up Hawthorne Threads and got some awesome stuff.  There's some Joel Dewberry, Up Parasol, Brambleberry Ridge (may have to get more, I love love love it!), Indelible,  and a few more.  Not pictured is the Star Wars fabric and some voile I got.

This didn't really show it off that well.

Abby figured she'd better get in there.

She liked this one a lot.

There, much better!


So I took it into the base of our picture window and that's much nicer.  So I guess my most productive WIP was stacking fabric.  I actually did make a bathing suit (whoa there) which turned out awesome but it looks kinda silly if you take a picture without a person in it.  So look out, but there will be--at some point--pictures of me in a [fairly modest] swimsuit.

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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

WIP Wednesday and a Flood

I didn't get much done this week. Things got a bit wet.  But here's what I did do.

I joined a quilt bee!  It's called We Bee Canadian.  I figured it'd be cheaper shipping if I found one that stuck in the country, no hard feelings to all the lovely quilters around the world.  I need to do 2 blocks, and I did technically, but the first one finished up 1/2" too small both ways.  Turns out my 1/4" piecing foot is off about a 1/16", which explains a lot!!

The pattern for this block comes from the Moda Bake Shop, and it's called Simply Woven.


I've been hanging out with this little imp.


And we got a bit of water.  We're lucky our basement is unfinished so not really a big deal.  But I really don't want a waterfall--soothing or no.  However, a lot of other places in our province got it way worse.  Roads have been washed out, homes destroyed, hospitals and towns evacuated.  So I'm pretty glad that this is all we had to deal with.  Here's some pictures to peek at--something else!


These videos are from my basement, just take a bit to load up.

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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

WIP Wednesday

This post may look like I've accomplished more than I have, but it's for the last two weeks so it's not so much.  Maybe it doesn't even look like much though ;-)

A long ways back I ordered a bundle of Birch fabric basics from Fabric worm and decided to give a plus sign layout quilt a try.  I only had two grey fabrics so I ended up with similar prints together, but all in all I like it.  It's going to be a baby quilt and I'll keep it on hand for friends who may have baby boys in the future.  Just need to sew it together!

I have it on a picnic table cloth, and just roll it up to keep it laid out and out of the way.  Works great!
Below is my next Harry Potter block.  It could be a little crazy.


This mess is a *gasp, eek* bathing suit pattern and fabric.  The suit is called the bombshell swimsuit and came with the perfect pattern parcel # 3.  I am scared, but excited as I never seem to fit 1-piece suits because they're too short. Hopefully I don't screw it up! The fabric is from Girl Charlee.


This bag is also from the pattern parcel.  I bought some discount outdoor fabric from Fabricland to make it, intending to make two for wedding gifts (the other would be the same colours but reversed), and to be honest I probably won't make the second one.  It was kind of a pain to make, I found the instructions confusing, and the fabric wasn't the easiest to work with.  Also, I don't have enough interfacing left. Very colourful and fun though!


It's meant to carry water bottles or the like. After I got going, I thought it would have been neat to do the outer pocket in the same fabric as the liner.  Oh well.


In exciting news, I won a mini pack of the Allison Glass aurifil essentials thread.  So awesome!!


Look who is 10 months old!!  Hard to get her to sit still for a picture these days since she's been walking for a few weeks already!!


And lastly, I said in my last post that I would include a picture of myself wearing the Staple Dress that I made, so here is my lovely assistant helping me model it.

Staple Dress

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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

WIP Wednesday

Well, it's been a mildly productive week and some.

Jess came over and we continued our way through the Vintage Quilt Revival book.  I really like this block, the Red Cross I think it's called.  I used some softer colours.  Jess switched up her layout a bit.  I think they both turned out great!



I also continued working on my Harry Potter quilt.  I messed up a bit with the potion bottle so had to add onto the piece after I had pieced the block (I will not unpick a block at a certain point).'s floating.


Just a random picture, but I thought I would share the view from my sewing room--I don't know what the tree is but it has beautiful flowers, and then after they've gone the leaves turn a pinky colour for the remainder of summer.


I continued on with my clothing sewing ways.  I made another Nessie Top (Pattern by Craftiness is not Optional)

Here are some action shots with the pants I had made a while back.  They were really hard to match with anything, and I had enough left to make the colour block top, so now it's good to go!



A delightful low volume bundle of fabrics from Stash fabrics.  I ordered the cat print and the diagonal stripe separately, but they go along quite nicely!  Can't wait to do something with these!


Last but not least, I am trying to make something for myself!  I bought the Perfect Pattern Parcel #3 because there are a couple patterns I wanted to try and the proceeds go to a good cause, and this is my first make from it.  It's The Staple Dress by April Rhodes.  I got the fabric on sale at Fabricland to give it a go--I think it was some sort of cotton/poly blend for garments.  I guess this is what you can call a 'wearable muslin'.

All in all it went really well until it came to the shirring (done with elastic thread).  Often the problem is that people can't get good shirring and it doesn't gather.  Well, I didn't have that issue.  At all!  It was so tight I couldn't get it over my shoulders and ripped every row. So I tried a couple tricks and "fixed" it where it had ripped and added more. I can just get it over my shoulders and have to pull the ladies through one at a time (tmi, I know).  Anyone know anything about shirring?  What would you recommend?  When it's not late and I'm not tired I'm going to try again with some test fabric to see what I can come up with.

Otherwise, I really like the dress, the high low hem is great and it fits quite well!  I'll definitely try this one again, if I can fix my shirring issues.  Whenever I wear it I'll get a picture wearing it and post that.


Wednesday, 21 May 2014

WIP Wednesday

I didn't do a lot this past week, but did have a little fun.

First off, I used left over squares from Abby's baby quilt to make some HSTs  and decided to go with the chevron layout to show them off.  It's one of my favourite collections ever so I figured that I had better get it up on my wall in my little sewing room.
I'm sure sometime soon I will get it quilted and bound, the nice thing about minis is how quick they are!! That and table-top basting.


Other than that I did some more clothing sewing.  This little top was mostly done a while ago, but I couldn't figure out my button hole attachment so it languished almost complete for a bit.  I used a tutorial from Pinterest.  
It's supposed to be 6-12 months but is massive so I think I must have had the scaling wrong and not realized it.  It'll be cute whenever it fits though!



The following two pics are of my little munchkin wearing some leggings that I made for her from pants of mine that I no longer wear.  I just love sewing tiny clothes, and leggings are really easy!!

How awesome are those moccasins?!?!

That neck thing started as a headband, but works better like this.