Wednesday, 22 October 2014

WIP Wednesday

For all that I feel I have been busy, I don't have a lot to show.

I finished off the bee blocks for this month.  We have two leaders this month, so I made four instead of two.  The first were x & + blocks.  I love how these two turned out, and kind of want to make a quilt of these blocks for myself.  Maybe someday?  Or perhaps I'll start cutting pieces from each fabric I cut for something else to make blocks gradually?

Bee Block

Bee block

I couldn't bring myself to toss the extra scraps from the above blocks so I made HSTs and put them together to make a mug rug. Not sure what to do with them.  I used a new toy, my bloc-lox ruler, to trim them up.  I highly recommend it as a ruler, it's great!

Mug rug

The other bee blocks were Christmas themed, so I used my few Christmas fabrics paired with red and green fabrics.

October Bee Blocks

I also made a new shirt for myself!  This is a Neptune Tee from See Kate Sew.  It's a basic tee that you can put those cute triangle cut-outs into.  I love the sleeves, they're the perfect length!


The fabric is from Girl Charlee, and I am super pumped at how I managed to match the stripes along the side.


It can be left plain, without the triangles.


The cut-outs can also be inset with a contrasting fabric.  I didn't really think that anything would match this fabric well so I left it empty.


I love this shirt! It's so comfy and was pretty easy to make.  And, if you ever wanted to see a lot of me, here you are!


Gratuitous baby photo!!


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Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Well, I finished my celestial star quilt!  I have been waiting for sun in order to get some good picture--and there has been none. So, I just took them with my flash, and they're awful.

Here's the whole thing.


This is how I quilted the four setting squares.  Anything white got a small scale stipple, and the grey is just loops back and forth.


I did two of the corners with scallops around the star.


And the other two with just echo lines.


The centre star has pebble fmq in the grey, and a spiral in the star itself.


The backing is a print by Amy Butler, I don't remember the name and I sewed the selvage into it. It wasn't big enough so I used my leftover grey to finish it off.


This picture shows how I quilted the stars in the four corners.  I just did that up and down in each of the twelve segments.


The binding is one I got on sale, the selvage said 'Alhambra 2.' It was what I had originally wanted to back the quilt with but I didn't have nearly enough. Apparently I am completely delusional about the amount of fabric it takes to back a 72" square quilt.


I tried a new method of binding, based on a couple different tutorials, but the main one by Red Pepper Quilts.  It is the best job I have ever done machine quilting binding.


Despite the poor pictures, the quilt turned out great!


Lastly, I got back into my Harry Potter blocks. For those in the know, this is the golden snitch.


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Monday, 22 September 2014

Quilting, teething, 'bee'ing

Well, it's been a fairly productive past little while, considering.  I finished up the quilt top for the Celestial Star QAL.  This is an...interesting top.  I do love how it turned out but it's a little goofy.

I ran out of the grey that I was using for the background from the first four, so I ordered more.  Or so I thought.  When it came, it was very much different colour.  Well, not a problem there, I could just do five blocks with a dark grey I had on hand for a nice contrast.  Well, I only had enough for three blocks.  So, I did two setting blocks in the grey that I accidentally ordered.  Oh well!

I knew I wasn't going to get 9 star blocks done in time for the QAL, so I chose to do setting blocks--good thing too because I have used almost every scrap of the fabric I had for this.  Although I kind of butchered them and I'm not joking when I say not a single point lines up.  Distance (and hopefully quilting) is my friend!

All in all, I do love it.

Celestial Star QAL

I also whipped up my bee blocks for September.  We were to make whatever we wanted, so hopefully these will do! The scrappy one I just did, and the other block is a tea leaf block from the Vintage Quilt Revival book.

Canadian Bee blocks

Below is the current state of the quilt for my month as bee leader.  I made the one with the pearl bracelet print on the navy and it is driving me nuts.  I'm going to use the star on the back and get rid of the irish chain block (I don't really thinks it's a stand alone block) and replace them with something different.  I thought I would be ok with the contrast, but I'm just not.  My plan is to have it finish at 5x4 blocks.  I'm just waiting for one more pair to come in the mail, and then I will make the rest.

We Bee Canadian

Meanwhile, someone is going through some raging teething--diaper rash, the runs, fever, and all!  Poor little thing.  Although this is the only time she will sit still and cuddle, so there is that.


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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

WIP Wednesday

It's been a little while!  Between going back to working shift work, and being plain old lazy, I haven't been up on getting things blogged--but I think that you'll all be just fine with that.

I did manage to get my pillow quilted with the Celestial Star pattern.  I did spiral quilting to test it out, not sure if I want to do it on a quilt.  It suits the block, but I'm not really sure it's for me.  Maybe if I did it a bit more spaced out.


I made another block for my Celestial Star QAL quilt.  I am just about done the next one and then I just need to make setting blocks.

I made two more blocks for my bee quilt that I am "hosting" as it is my month.

Bee Blocks
I also received a few in the mail, This is a little sneak preview of the layout that it will be.  I chose to go with navy stars and Irish chain blocks, and then have the ribbons around the stars be in the aqua/blue/teal family.  So far I'm loving it.

Canadian bee blocks

Abby turned 1!!


She got her own mini pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing.  It was a big hit.


Here she is in her birthday dress that I made her.  It's called the Lulu dress by craftiness is not optional, and I love it!  I used a knit from Girl Charlee for the top, and the skirt is palos verde voile from fabricworm.

First Birthday!


I love that little pocket!


It's suitable for searching beneath couches...




Exploring cabinets...


And here is is sans model.  I also made matching knit capri leggings.

Lulu Dress

And here is a nice, picturesque family photo taken at a wedding we went to.  I had to share my husbands ridiculously long flowing locks.


Wednesday, 13 August 2014

WIP Wednesday

There is not too much to share this week.  I have recently started back to work so I do not have quite the free time that I did before.  It's good to be working again, but it's sad that I don't get to hang out with my little buddy all the time anymore.

I made my third Celestial Star Quilt block.  This is the worst job I've done making one, so I'm hoping that once I get it attached and take the paper out that will help.  I'm still very happy with it, it just turned out a bit lumpy and bubbles in a couple spots.  I ran out of grey so I'll be going again once that arrives.


I also made another ribbon star block and corresponding irish chain block.  These are the blocks I picked for my month in my quilting bee.  Although I love the pearl bracelets fabric line, I wish I had stuck with a navy that had less white in it.  Oh well, still works, and I'm definitely not redoing/not using these!


This Sunday my little bean is 1!!  Can't believe it.  Well, I guess I can.


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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Celestial Star QAL

Well, I'm getting there bit by bit, block two for the quilt is complete!

Celestial Star QAL

I'm loving the many designs possible with this quilt block!  However, I think that I prefer my block that I made last time.  However, I'm still a big fan of this one.  I am thinking of doing 5 star blocks and then 4 setting blocks to finish the quilt.  

In other news, tomorrow is my first day back at work--not really too excited about the prospect.  Deep breaths.

Here is the first block for comparison.  I think the second one reads a lot more yellow while this one reads more aqua.  I will have to see if I can play with that a bit in future blocks.

Celestial Star Block

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Hope everyone's summer is going great!

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Twinkle Twinkle

Well, I have been making blocks and more blocks!

First off I have been plugging away at the Celestial Star QAL.  Even if you don't quilt along I definitely suggest the pattern--it's so versatile and beautiful.  And I am a paper piecing fan so it's great.

Below is the centre of my test block, waiting for the rest of it.

Celestial Star QAL

And here is the finished product!  I didn't have enough of the ivory so I decided to use some neutral low volume prints for the backdrop.  I'm happy with how it turned out!  This baby is now basted (I'm testing out spray basting!) and ready to quilt.  I am going to attempt a spiral quilting design, I figured small was the way to go.  Also I think it would suit this block.  This will eventually be a pillow for my couch.

18" celestial star block

And here's our little rider fan.  Couldn't resist sharing this picture.  She's so tough to photograph now, always on the move!


Now below is the "real deal" block.  I'm planning on doing a whole quilt.  Although with the deadline to be done in September and me going back to work next week (*sniff* so not ready), I'm going to have to really grind it out.  Love it though!

That sucka is 24" so at least it doesn't take many to make a quilt.  I am thinking of doing a few of these and then finishing out with setting blocks so a)it's a little easier, b)the stars can really stand out and c)I can actually meet the deadline.

Celestial Star Block

Celestial Star Block

Lastly, it's my turn to be the queen bee, or whatever you wish to call it, of my online bee I'm part of.  It's worth checking out the inspiration for my quilt here!

First is the modified irish chain.  Check out the chubby little wrist that made a special appearance!!!

Single Irish Chain Block

Second is the ribbon star block based on a tutorial by Lee at Freshly Pieced.

Ribbon Star

I'm excited to see what I get for this!  I will be making some more as well so that I can have a bigger quilt as, including my blocks, there will be 12 from the bee itself.  I'm thinking a total of 20 blocks for a 4x5 layout.

Hope everyone is having a delightful summer, and happy long weekend to those that get it (is it just a Canada thing?)!!