Friday, 3 June 2011


Today was my final day as a school nurse in a high school.  I have to admit, I will miss it!  The good news is, that puts me that much closer to being a 'Nurse' rather than a nursing student.  Bittersweet.

Most excellently, a little package arrived in the mail for me.  Now, this is also a bit annoying.  It's a cute little charm pack I ordered online. The problem is that I failed to notice that the shipping was more that the pack itself. Ouch.

The pack has these 4 patterns, 10 each

So, now that I have learned my lessson, I will no longer be purchasing any fabric on eBay.  I have discovered that it is actually more economical to buy from online stores, and at times locally.  I'm in a small town so I don't have the benefit of a local quilting shopping, and the nearest one (along with fabricland) is an hour and a half away.

I think in the next few posts I will explore a few of my other projects--we'll see!

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