Monday, 3 February 2014


Well, I believe it has been a long time since I have done anything here.  My problem is twofold: 1-I still haven't finished my sewing room so all of my supplies are boxed up or in the bottom of a pile of stuff still. 2-Who knew having a baby would turn my life upside down? (Okay, well that one I had an inkling).

Anyways, I'm posting my idea for progress in the hopes that it will inspire progress!  I bought this book over the holidays:

I just love everything in it.  I hemmed and hawed because I have a lot of quilt patterns waiting to do, but I just loved everything Lee posted that came from it.

So my plan is that a friend and I are going to get together maybe once a month and make one block at a time (maybe a couple times a month) until we make one of each and make them into a quilt each!!  I love sampler quilts and it's a low commitment way to do things. And we can take turns occupying baby girl if she's awake!

Sunday Best

Because who wouldn't want to??