Wednesday, 15 June 2011


I guess we should have seen it coming, but I think that people have gone way further than anyone thought in Vancouver.  Destruction, looting and fires.  The most bizarre part of it all is the thousands of people standing around taking videos and pictures, and just watching.  Cars on fire, people fighting.  Thank goodness the Boston players were able to get out safely.

I love the Canucks, I was born in BC and I have been a fan since I knew what hockey was.  I was young, but I remember watching them go for the cup in '94 (my favourite player was Pavel Bure, the Russian Rocket!).

What I'm seeing tonight isn't even about the game anymore, it's some people who are out to cause a lot of trouble and then the mob mentality taking over.  I'm sure we'll hear about it for a while.

On to quilting though, today I kept going on my nine-patch from this tutorial.  I have all of the rows sewn up, and I've got two of them sewn together.  I quit with the sewing and switched to pressing my seams partly to change things up and partly because it was late and my machine is loud.

I'll just leave it for the weekend and get back to it on Monday.  Interested to see how it works out, I have grown un-fond of the lightest colour, but hopefully it will all pull together well!

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