Sunday, 2 October 2011

Smaller, not lesser

I finished piecing together the wall hanging quilt that I'm making for my boyfriend's grandparents.  I didn't smooth it out on my design wall so it looks a little bubbly but that's okay!  The top pair of blocks is a fair colour departure from the rest, but in real life it looks more cohesive.  And I have a very limited stash to pull from!

The beauty of a small quilt is that I could sandwich and baste it on the table.  Awesome!  So I did just that, in very little time.

Now, the above picture is supposed to show the pattern I drew to quilt, but I used my iPhone to take the picture and the flash made it really hard to see.  However, it's a sort of leaf or vine type of pattern.  After I planned it out, I somehow ended up at the Free Motion Quilting Project.  Oh my!  Talk about inspiring!

I think that I would like to make a solely solid quilt with large pieces (maybe layer cake?) and do each square a different style of quilting from the site--it has everything from beginner to expert.  I love the texture that a unique quilting pattern can lend a quilt--better get practicing though!


  1. How nice! I hate when photos don't do A project justice! I have that issue a lot. But u know what? Who wants to spend a million years photographing with a real camera and uploading pictures? I use my iPhone because ts convenient and the only way I can make blogging practical, lol.

    On another note, I'm having a hell of a time with FMQ! I just can't trust myself not to screw up, ha. I'll have to go check out that link...

  2. Gotta love a small quilting project, I usually have a very short attention span! I went to that same site for FMQ ideas but I really wanted something more loose and unstructured. Don't be fooled though I had to pick out almost a quarter because it went horribly wrong and it took forever!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!