Friday, 21 October 2011

Holy chain piecing Batman!

In case you were wondering, I've been doing a lot of chain piecing for a couple days.  A lot.  I love it because it streamlines the whole process, but I'm starting to flag a bit.  I decided that I want to get my starry eyed quilt done before Christmas, so apparently, to me, that means going insane on it in October.  Oh well, it should be done fairly soon at the rate I'm moving.  Although, I know that sometimes quilt tops get lost in the netherworld sometimes so I shouldn't prematurely calculate my prospective poultry so to speak.

I finished 5/10 stars and made it halfway through all of my filler blocks.  Those stars are not for the faint of heart.

The only thing I am cross with myself about is the fact that I used cream for the star points.  Even though it specifically says not to.  So you can't see the whole star as well.  But there is no way I'm redoing them.  I would literally have to redo the whole block. And seeing as I somehow managed to put together 4/5 stars with cream points, and only 1/5 without, that would be way too much.  So no more from here on in.

Why can't I comprehend directions???

To tell the truth, I didn't even notice this little oopsie until I did this blog post.  And now I'm upset with myself.  I wonder if I could somehow fix this without redoing the whole star...


  1. Your stars look great! So bright and fresh! Hang in there, it's going to look beautiful.

  2. They look fantastic & I'm sure they are more noticeable IRL than they appear on a computer screen. To really emphasize them, you could make them pop with quilting. You could hand quilt 1/4" outline of just the stars with perle cotton in red or green for example? Just a thought. But the quilt is going to look beautiful & I'm excited to see it!

  3. Leave the cream star points in. They give the stars a funky look. After all, not all stars are the same. Can't wait to see the finished quilt.

  4. In the finished quilt, it will look like the stars are "blinking," just like real stars :o) I agree with Aimee, some shadow quilting in a colored pearle cotton would emphasize the whole shape. I think they look beautiful, definitely don't redo them!

  5. Thanks for your comments on my blog! :o) I think your quilt is going to look great. Can't wait to see it finished! Stars are probably my favorite block.

    I'm going to try to change the no reply comment thing...any hints? :o)