Saturday, 1 October 2011

A new month

Last night I kinda went wild, and did a lot of sewing.  Some people party till the wee hours, apparently I quilt.  Anyways, I will share my finished quilt soon (I technically did not finish it in September), but I thought that I would make a little post to look back on what I've done for the month--maybe I'll do it every month.  We'll see!

First off, I did make a new curtain (valance? window treatment?) last night.  The fabric has been waiting for me to sew it since about, oh, May.

The ones up there before were, I kid not, some sort of pleather. Ew.  Anyways, yay!  So, this month I:

Not too bad.  I know that technically I linked my quilt up already, but since I'm part of the 'small blog community', why not get myself in there twice!  So head on over Lily's Quilts and see the beautiful work others have done there.  All you need to do is click the little button. That is, if I did it right...

Small Blog Meet

I do enjoy blogging, and I have to say, I don't even know exactly why I started.  One of my favourite things to do is look at what others have made.  I hope that people can get some enjoyment out of what they find here as well.


  1. Hi! I'm from the blog meet and I'm now following you! Cute quilt! What fabric did you use? I love the "washed" tones.

  2. Well done for finishing the pelmet - so much better than pleather!! I see you also have a dog that likes to get in the quilt photos - cute!!

  3. I could have sworn I left you a comment yesterday saying how much I loved the potholders... well at any rate, love the potholders! Cute quilt and handsome doggy!

  4. Excellent potholders! Love the colors you've used. And good job on the curtain! I still need to do that in a couple rooms and we've lived here for over a year!