Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Progress has been made

Unfortunately I have been rather busy lately, so quilting and sewing have just had to wait.  However, yesterday I was able to be quite busy, and made quite some progress.  I started out here:

And then I sewed and pressed until I thought that I could no more!

So I was here.  I have to admit, at this point I was worried that  I should have just cut rectangles out of the fabrics and done it that way.  It took a long time to get that little square of other colour in there, and because I made them so small they weren't even that easy to see.  I was a little discouraged that it would just be a waste.  So I thought I'd lay them out, bringing me to:

This made me feel so much better!  You can definitely tell that there is a little square, and it adds a neat bit of texture for the eye to see.  I laid them out in order, and have started sewing my rows (7/10 together).  At this point I wish that I had made it a bit more random, but I think that I will try to mess around with my rows a bit, just to break up the pattern.  Of course, Adam is not a huge fan.  He appreciates the hard work that's going in, but isn't sure what he thinks about the colours.  He tells me he has to see it when it's finished to know for sure, but I think that it may be too girly.  he's a solid colour type of man.  So, this one could end up being a gift.  Or not.  Who knows??  These are [some of] my favourite fabrics, so maybe it'll just be my quilt and he'll just have to look at it!

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