Saturday, 2 July 2011

A little help from my friend

Today my boyfriend and I spent the day at his team's provincial fastball tournament (he coaches peewee boys when he's not playing).  I got a good sunburn and the boys went 1-1.  However, yesterday I got a lot done.

My excellent helper
I also forgot to post pictures of my little quilt tag from Pat's Quilt.  I was sent it along with my order from Shawna at 1 Choice 4 Quilting. It's a little iron on tag.  Unfortunately my binding wasn't the neatest in that area, so I'm highlighting my shortcomings here.  But I did have a heck of a time with that this time around so I'll just leave it at that.  I think it's a cute tag!  I was going to add my name and the year but decided against that.

I also was able to make a lot of progress with my fandango fabric.  I have cut it all into my pieces.  It's funny because I got it specifically to make a quilt from, yet I feel so nervous cutting into it because it's so beautiful.  I swear I could have just sewn all of the lengths together.  But I think that this will look great when it's done and now I have some beautiful scraps and left-overs.

I doubt it will ever be used, but I have taken enough pictures to make a tutorial.  Once the whole quilt is done beginning to end I will make a tutorial up to post.  I hope to get a darning foot before this so that I can do some free motion quilting instead of my straight lines.  I feel it would really suit the fabric.

I think this is my favourite print of the collection.  So I figured I would show a picture of it with a bigger piece.  Anyways, probably won't get sewing on this quilt right away, but soon enough.

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