Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Back it up

Here are two fabrics I recently bought at Fabricland.  They are specifically quilt backing, and at first I didn't know what that meant.  What I did know was that they were regular $20/m, on sale for $4/m.  That's my kind of fabric!!  It turns out they are wider than the usual fabric bolt, so I'm guessing this is to reduce the amount of fabric you have to sew together for the quilt back.

I have a feeling my next few blog posts will lack excitement.  On that note, my poor love had to have his finger rebroken, after having it reset twice, from when he dislocated his knuckles.  Turned out that they couldn't see the break on the initial x-rays, or else missed them because of the glaring issue of two knuckles out of place.  No good!

They're actually quite lovely fabrics, a little softer than some other quilting fabrics, so I think that I may check and see if there are any left at that price.  Why not?

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