Tuesday, 5 July 2011

I see a lot of cutting in my future...

Today I figured I would try to make a big dent in my blocks for the Fandango quilt I'm working on.  Poor Adam dislocated his finger in two places so it ended up being a pretty low key game anyways.  I got two more patterns of blocks done (total of 24 thus far) and then, unfortunately, the needle plate on my sewing machine broke in two.  I guess that being 30 years old and the beating I put it through when I was sewing with a bent needle, I shouldn't be too surprised.

So anyways, I tried to flip the one side around (longer half) because it was still usable.  However a previous owner, like myself, chewed into the metal of that little hole so the thread kept breaking against it.  Needless to say, I am unable to continue with my sewing until the situation is rectified.  I've found a couple replacements on line, but first will see what Sears can give me.

Since I am unable, at the time, to continue with the fandango quilt, I felt that I should start a new project. Because cutting is non sewing machine dependent!  So I pulled out the stash of fabrics that my aunt gave me as well as a couple of the batiks I bought online, found a pattern for a table runner in my McCall's quilting magazine, and got going on that.

The pile in the middle is me hemming and hawing between three different choices.  The top and bottom will be trimmed even when all is said and done, but that gives the idea of what it will look like, and how nice a length it is for my table.  I couldn't quite fit all of the colours on both sides.

Here's a close-up of one half to show it a bit better, as you can see the last row is barely hanging on.  I love the combination of colours, and I am actually quite pleased with myself for pulling it off.  Thank you Aunty Linda!


I ended up choosing the middle one as it jived with the whole thing the most, as well as going with the room.  I didn't take a pic, but it looks better when there's no green showing through.  I think I will use one of the other two for binding as they provide a nice contrast but still mesh well.

Because I still can't sew, and it could be a while, I have a feeling that my wip (work in progress) pile may grow irresponsibly in the next little bit.  Next one to set up: coasters (mug rugs)!

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