Wednesday, 28 September 2011

WIP Wednesday

I have a few WIPs rocking right now.  The most promising looking one so far is a wall hanging quilt that I'm making for my boyfriend's grandparents as a thank you for watching our dogs.  It's based on this tutorial by Ryan Walsh.  After taking a look I wish that I would have put the neutral colour in the background, and had the purple as the background ribbon, and then had the front ribbon be the 'unique' fabric.  Oh well, you live you learn.

I will have one more row of two blocks to make it 2 x 3.  It's to fit in a specific place in their house so that's why I chose that layout.  It's my first time working with triangles. Um, yah, well I tried.

These are my other two projects.  On the right is the ever so slowly progressing quilt from my Pure fabric collection, and on the left is the quilt that I'm making for my sister.  More on those here.  I've focused on the wall hanger so nothing has happened with the cutting/pressing of the other two.  Also, I've started making some hexies!  I don't have a plan for them, but I'm thinking more pillows/applique rather than a quilt.  My aunt has been making a hexie quilt for 10 years--I'm not sure that I'm ready to commit to that!  So far I've only done about 10 so nothing worth showing.


  1. Looking good! I can't wait to see your hexie project!!

  2. That first block is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the tute!

  3. The quilt is lovely--don't be so hard on yourself. I just sewed some triangles last night (late at night) that were a little more puckery than is my preference. A blast of steam from the iron took care of that (love steam irons!). You have to make a bunch of quilts, and I'm so glad you started. It's a great way to express yourself in color and shape and line. And glad to see you already have a couple more coming on line--yay!

    Elizabeth E!

  4. I'm loving the zig-zag! Especially the way it looks like there is another zig-zag behind the white.