Sunday, 25 September 2011

Little Finish

I finished the pot holders that I made for my preceptors upon completing my FINAL nursing practicum.  Yay!  So, here is how they turned out.  I picked the worst lighting conditions ever to take pics, so they are really yellow looking.  Oh well!

I did all of the quilting with a walking foot, and tried out three different types just to see how they went.  I took some close-ups just to show it better.

This one has the best binding, I made it last.
This is my favourite quilting.
This one took the longest.
All in all, I am pleased, but I still need to keep on practicing!


  1. I love that you made a hanger loop, I made some of these last week from some scraps (and blogged about it) but I didn't add the loop! I thought to but couldn't figure out how I could do that successfully! Thanks for sharing! These are lovely!

  2. Love these! Good luck with your nursing exam :D