Saturday, 5 November 2011


I was going to title this 'picture perfect' to indicate that I'd finished my snapshots quilt, but the whole perfect thing would be a bit of a, well, lie.  Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy with how it turned out!  Just, I can look at the things I do realistically without feeling bad about them.

As evidenced here, I picked a solid indigo for the binding that came from Connecting Threads.

Here is the back, I like how the quilting turned out.  Makes me happy.  I just did it with a walking foot.

Aaand the front.

I did the binding by machine.  I love how quick it is!  I don't have any navy thread, so I figured the white would look sharp on the blue.  And it does!  But it also really shows any 'mishaps.'  Oh well!  I am really pleased with the whole thing.  It is a much smaller quilt than I thought.  And if I were to ever redo it (which I doubt I will--so many great patterns out there!), I would have put a border around the finished top.  Oh well!


  1. Wow that was fast! In google reader, your previous post is right before this one! So both posts posted at the same time! So I was thinking that you finished in a few hours, same day!! But then I came here to comment and saw that your other post was posted on Thursday. That's still fast! Your quilt looks great!!

  2. The diagonal quilting really makes your quilt pop! Great job.

  3. The quilt looks wonderful. Great finish!