Thursday, 3 November 2011


Well, I'm not sure if I have an excuse.  But I just got off of working nights, so I missed both the small blog meet and WIP Wednesday.  I think that I can still get in on the small blog meet, but I don't really have much to show.  Which is okay, I can't see myself being able to churn out many projects a month.  But I would like to!

Anyways, I'm getting closer to a finish:

I'm just getting quilting on my snapshots quilt, I'm going with a diagonal grid.  No sure if I'm going to do it small (every square corner to corner) or not.  I'll see how I like it when I get done less.  I've used a large scale white and tan plaid for the can sort of kind of see it.

I finished making the stars for my Starry Eyed quilt.  Just need to put on the borders and then I'll be done all of the blocks for the quilt.

I think I may just finish this before Christmas!

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  1. Great progress! I am in love with the snapshots quilt!