Wednesday, 31 August 2011


I have a couple little things to share today, and although non of them deal directly with sewing, they will aid/allow the process to go on.  First things, I finally created a design wall for myself.   On a door!  I stapled the daylights out of some batting that I had left over from Pat's quilt onto the closet door in my sewing room.  Pretty soon I'll have a project to go up there so I'll show a picture of it 'in action!' For now, here's the initial photo--minutes after completion.

Lately, I have also received a large amount of material--you could say I was on a roll!  I got a bunch of Christmas stuff to make a Christmas quilt, so I'll show that off once I get to doing that (hopefullly it's before Christmas!).  I also got a big schwack of quilter's candy fat quarters from Connecting Threads.

They came unfolded so I did a real nice job getting them all lovely to stock away.  I also got some lovely charm squares from there:

And I got some solids.  That I didn't bother to take pictures of yet.  They're not as exciting though.  I'm determined to finish off the fandango quilt so I'll be getting to that back soon.  I'm sure that will provide far more interesting pictures than what I have posted today.  Or perhaps not.  But I'm excited!

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