Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Fandango Quilt Top

Well folks, here it is.  It's been slightly frustrating, and it's slightly off in some places, but my lovely fandango quilt top has come together!  I got Adam to hold it up for me, and, well, he did his best.  Thankfully I managed to cut out his dirty feet.

I haven't measured this quilt yet, but I will soon.  I have decided to buy some new batting for it.  The stuff that I have is that cotton/poly blend.  I didn't realize that even though it's 80% cotton, it would not shrink at all like the 100% does, and there would be no crinklage.

I tried to randomize it, and almost succeeded.  All in all, I'm very pleased with how it turned out.  It's a little more square-ish than I intended, but I think it works well that way.  Should be a good quilt to wrap up in.

I am not yet sure what I'll do for backing, but I have a feeling I'll be dragging the whole thing into a quilt shop to get someone to help me find the right choice.  Also, I will likely use the last two 1/2 yard pieces of fandango that I have left over and piece it together somehow.  Such fun :-).

On a non-quilting note, my first zantedeschia bloomed in my garden.  I was a little worried that with the torrential rains followed by a near drought that they'd been either drowned or baked.  But here it is!

I do love gardens, even if mine is not that nice!!

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