Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The times they are a changing

Well, I have a confession to make.  For me, personally, instagram has kind of killed blogging.  I still like to read them, but I find myself doing more in the world of sewing on instagram than the blog.  I also find the time to sit down and read as many blogs as I follow, never mind write posts, to be a little much for me.

So I pared down my list to a few blogs, my favourite to read and a few Canadians I enjoy.  Most of the rest have a big presence on instagram so if I want to follow up I can always look into their blog.  And it will be a lot easier to manage just a few blogs.

I will still post from time to time, but with a busy toddler, and [surprise] another baby on the way, I don't imagine getting less busy.  I hope you'll stick with me, but I understand if you don't.


My February bee blocks


Nap time


Helping dad assemble our new ikea bed.


Posing on her favourite thing, the water slide! Too hard to get a pic when she was actually going down!


Also loved the (not so) hot tub


Water bug! (Featuring my hubby and his man bun)


Seems to be the favourite position.

Now that I'm through my first trimester I have a little more energy, so I hope to do more sewing.

If you are on instagram and we aren't already connected, my name is klandine and you can feel free to comment yours and I'd be glad to follow.  Its just easier right now!

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