Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Well, I finished my celestial star quilt!  I have been waiting for sun in order to get some good picture--and there has been none. So, I just took them with my flash, and they're awful.

Here's the whole thing.


This is how I quilted the four setting squares.  Anything white got a small scale stipple, and the grey is just loops back and forth.


I did two of the corners with scallops around the star.


And the other two with just echo lines.


The centre star has pebble fmq in the grey, and a spiral in the star itself.


The backing is a print by Amy Butler, I don't remember the name and I sewed the selvage into it. It wasn't big enough so I used my leftover grey to finish it off.


This picture shows how I quilted the stars in the four corners.  I just did that up and down in each of the twelve segments.


The binding is one I got on sale, the selvage said 'Alhambra 2.' It was what I had originally wanted to back the quilt with but I didn't have nearly enough. Apparently I am completely delusional about the amount of fabric it takes to back a 72" square quilt.


I tried a new method of binding, based on a couple different tutorials, but the main one by Red Pepper Quilts.  It is the best job I have ever done machine quilting binding.


Despite the poor pictures, the quilt turned out great!


Lastly, I got back into my Harry Potter blocks. For those in the know, this is the golden snitch.


Connecting to WIP Wednesday.


  1. Wow, what a beauty! Well done:-)

  2. Quilt is beautiful and I LOVE that HP block! Yay for the snitch!

  3. Well done. It looks wonderful and all that great quilting gives nice texture

  4. Gorgeous quilt!!! I absolutely love it!! And I love how you quilted it all! It's beautiful!! :) thanks for joining me!!

  5. I love the way your did your blocks! What a beautiful finished product!! Thanks for taking the time to photograph and explain your quilting. I'm still such a quilting newbie that the details are super helpful.

  6. The setting of your blocks really highlights them and the backing is perfect. I'm still playing around with varied quilting that's not just random. Nicely done. I just popped over to say hi and congrats on being one of the other winners announced on Quilt Dad's post today. Happy Quilting.