Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas, here and gone

This year my Christmas was a little bit different, I worked Dec. 23-25 so it was a bit quite quieter than usual.  Just wanted to share a couple little gift bags that I made before then, but didn't get to post.

DVD Drawstring Bag

The first bag is made from leftovers from my Starry Eyed Quilt.  It holds a DVD perfectly.

Mini drawstring bag

This little one is just the perfect size to hold a couple little nail polishes.  I made it for my sister.

I made both of these from Jeni's pattern for drawstring bags.  I had to buy it, because I just love making these.  Can't get enough!

I hope everyone had a wonderful, joyful Christmas full of love!


  1. likeing the bags..and the fabric xx

  2. fun bags :) i was wanting to make more fabric gift bags this year, but i never got around to it...