Wednesday, 10 September 2014

WIP Wednesday

It's been a little while!  Between going back to working shift work, and being plain old lazy, I haven't been up on getting things blogged--but I think that you'll all be just fine with that.

I did manage to get my pillow quilted with the Celestial Star pattern.  I did spiral quilting to test it out, not sure if I want to do it on a quilt.  It suits the block, but I'm not really sure it's for me.  Maybe if I did it a bit more spaced out.


I made another block for my Celestial Star QAL quilt.  I am just about done the next one and then I just need to make setting blocks.

I made two more blocks for my bee quilt that I am "hosting" as it is my month.

Bee Blocks
I also received a few in the mail, This is a little sneak preview of the layout that it will be.  I chose to go with navy stars and Irish chain blocks, and then have the ribbons around the stars be in the aqua/blue/teal family.  So far I'm loving it.

Canadian bee blocks

Abby turned 1!!


She got her own mini pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing.  It was a big hit.


Here she is in her birthday dress that I made her.  It's called the Lulu dress by craftiness is not optional, and I love it!  I used a knit from Girl Charlee for the top, and the skirt is palos verde voile from fabricworm.

First Birthday!


I love that little pocket!


It's suitable for searching beneath couches...




Exploring cabinets...


And here is is sans model.  I also made matching knit capri leggings.

Lulu Dress

And here is a nice, picturesque family photo taken at a wedding we went to.  I had to share my husbands ridiculously long flowing locks.



  1. Beautiful Celestial Stars and daughter. Happy birthday to Abby!

  2. Adorable. That last picture of her in her yellow chair! So cute.
    You and hubby look alike. Enjoy your week ; )

  3. Cute dress you made her!! I love it!! And your pillow looks fantastic!!! :)