Wednesday, 9 July 2014

WIP Wednesday, sort of

Contrary to the title, there isn't a ton of work in progress.

I have a bee block, pieces cut out, just waiting for me to pick it up again.


These blocks only needed to be pieced together and then added to the over half done top.


Aforementioned top is being carefully stored.


I decided to sort out my scraps, they were all mashed into one drawer.  But I didn't get enough buckets so that bag is holding more.  There is more than I thought!


I make a tank top!  It's from a pattern that came in the perfect pattern parcel 3.  It's called the Jorna Tank.  It's perfect because it's nice and long, loose, and swingy.  Although I prefer a little closer on the rib cage so I will make it again, and I may try altering the fit a bit.  Which is scary because I've just learned to follow a pattern, never mind change it.

Make up is for the weak?  Or less lazy.

Too many mosquitos to care about sun on my face.  Oops.

Back shots are awkward.
My husband told me I could use his credit card to buy fabric on the condition I make him a Star Wars bag.  Score!  So I hit up Hawthorne Threads and got some awesome stuff.  There's some Joel Dewberry, Up Parasol, Brambleberry Ridge (may have to get more, I love love love it!), Indelible,  and a few more.  Not pictured is the Star Wars fabric and some voile I got.

This didn't really show it off that well.

Abby figured she'd better get in there.

She liked this one a lot.

There, much better!


So I took it into the base of our picture window and that's much nicer.  So I guess my most productive WIP was stacking fabric.  I actually did make a bathing suit (whoa there) which turned out awesome but it looks kinda silly if you take a picture without a person in it.  So look out, but there will be--at some point--pictures of me in a [fairly modest] swimsuit.

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  1. I love long tops like that, too. They are so comfortable! Love your new stash bundle; sounds like a great deal with your husband. :)

  2. Great job! It looks good on you : )
    Nice hubby

  3. Your tank looks very nice and Abby has great taste in fabric!

  4. Love the pink and green you've started in your quilt. It's a great combination.

  5. That top is really cute! You did a great job.

    And man, the mosquitoes are awful this year, eh?