Friday, 18 July 2014

Celestial Star QAL

Considering I didn't do a lot, I think I still have quite a few pictures to share.

First off I made my second bee block for this month.  This block pattern really caused me trouble.  Not sure what it was but I had a tough time with it.  It should make a really neat looking quilt when it's all done though!

July Bee Block

As for a finish, I made a dress for my little lady.  It used to be a skirt that I never wore so I cut it up to make a kind of pillowcase dress.  I used leftover fabric from my staple dress for the straps.  It fits fairly well but is shorter than I had anticipated.  Still pretty cute though!


Those blocks are waiting to be the last row in a quilt top, I'm excited to be done that top considering it has taken me 2 years so far.  Oops.  I just need to figure out the directionality and put it together.  Unfortunately in my zeal to finish this guy I got a bit laissez-faire with the piecing and now some of my hourglasses are facing the wrong way in the final product.  It bothers me, but not enough to do all that stitch ripping.  I'm hoping it'll be ok in the grand scheme, and the recipient will not mind.


I joined the Celestial Star QAL with from blank pages.  I have developed a great fondness for paper piecing, and I think that the block, along with its many possible looks is gorgeous.

My plan is to do a pillow for my couch, and then if it's not insurmountable I will also do a quilt top.  I did some colouring for the pillow (colours are way off but I only had highlighters at the time!).  I am making the 18" block for the pillow.


As you may guess from my fabric pieces I cut below, I have already strayed from my plan.  The centre star will all be one fabric instead of alternating.


This is the other fabric I have to go with the brown woodgrain.  My pillows will all be with these two, plus another aviary print.  But that's for another day.


Below I did some colouring to get the general idea of the patterns, using different colours when the time comes.  I used a permanent marker because it's all I had besides highlighters.  Oops.


below is my fabric pull for the quilt.  It's from the collection called Penelope.  I may pull a few other fabrics from my stash depending on how things go, but we'll see.   I'm planning to do  nine 24" blocks and I'll be picking out my favourite nine designs from above.  We shall see how things go!


This little peanut is 11 months.  I'm a little heart broken about that.  It's also almost impossible to get a good picture of her sitting still if she doesn't feel like it so the lighting is not so great in this shot.


Nana and Papa brought a couple little visitors that she fell in love with.



Looks like she's giving him heck here.

I'm linking up this post to the QAL at from blank pages.


  1. The Celestial Quilt is going to be gorgeous! Love you fabric choices.

  2. Oh how sweet! Her legs!! That quilt will be amazing too

  3. The baby and doggies are adorable. You are so ambitious a quilt top and a pillow, wow, wishing you luck.

  4. Your Celestial Star should be beautiful, not as beautiful as your precious baby, but beautiful nonetheless. Can't wait to see it finished!