Wednesday, 11 April 2012

How embarrassing!

So, my fiancee and one of his friends are starting a new business.  A plumbing business that is.  And they got a building right downtown so the location is good and it was pretty cheap.  However, it is cheap because it's a 100 year old piece of junk.  So, the past few weeks I have spent pretty much every single day I have off in there helping out.  They've had to basically build in a new foundation, put two beams in the crawl space and one in the building and then tear down and rebuild a whole brick side of the building.

So I have nothing to show for myself at all. I  wish I did.  I finished quilting my sister's quilt and just need to bind it.  I tried on some wedding dresses.  I bought one, but not the one in the picture.  It's a secret!

This is the runner up!

I am so far behind on the New York Beauty QAL I'm embarrassed, but I will get to it.  I still love looking at everyone's beautiful work, albeit quickly, and will hopefully soon get back into the swing of things!

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment. It always brightens your day to think that someone out there is reading your blog doesn't it?

    As to that wedding dress - it's gorgeous!!! If that's the runner up then the finalist must be a real winner. And if that's you wearing it you look lovely. It really suits your figure. (Now I am beginning to sound like some pervy stalker - rest assured I'm not).

    All the best,