Wednesday, 11 June 2014

WIP Wednesday

Well, it's been a mildly productive week and some.

Jess came over and we continued our way through the Vintage Quilt Revival book.  I really like this block, the Red Cross I think it's called.  I used some softer colours.  Jess switched up her layout a bit.  I think they both turned out great!



I also continued working on my Harry Potter quilt.  I messed up a bit with the potion bottle so had to add onto the piece after I had pieced the block (I will not unpick a block at a certain point).'s floating.


Just a random picture, but I thought I would share the view from my sewing room--I don't know what the tree is but it has beautiful flowers, and then after they've gone the leaves turn a pinky colour for the remainder of summer.


I continued on with my clothing sewing ways.  I made another Nessie Top (Pattern by Craftiness is not Optional)

Here are some action shots with the pants I had made a while back.  They were really hard to match with anything, and I had enough left to make the colour block top, so now it's good to go!



A delightful low volume bundle of fabrics from Stash fabrics.  I ordered the cat print and the diagonal stripe separately, but they go along quite nicely!  Can't wait to do something with these!


Last but not least, I am trying to make something for myself!  I bought the Perfect Pattern Parcel #3 because there are a couple patterns I wanted to try and the proceeds go to a good cause, and this is my first make from it.  It's The Staple Dress by April Rhodes.  I got the fabric on sale at Fabricland to give it a go--I think it was some sort of cotton/poly blend for garments.  I guess this is what you can call a 'wearable muslin'.

All in all it went really well until it came to the shirring (done with elastic thread).  Often the problem is that people can't get good shirring and it doesn't gather.  Well, I didn't have that issue.  At all!  It was so tight I couldn't get it over my shoulders and ripped every row. So I tried a couple tricks and "fixed" it where it had ripped and added more. I can just get it over my shoulders and have to pull the ladies through one at a time (tmi, I know).  Anyone know anything about shirring?  What would you recommend?  When it's not late and I'm not tired I'm going to try again with some test fabric to see what I can come up with.

Otherwise, I really like the dress, the high low hem is great and it fits quite well!  I'll definitely try this one again, if I can fix my shirring issues.  Whenever I wear it I'll get a picture wearing it and post that.



  1. I love your Vintage Quilt Revival blocks -- they're another reason I need to get my hands on a copy of that book. And your fabric choices are inspiring, patterns and colors I wouldn't think to pair up.

  2. Very nice Kate. Lots of nice projects here. Sweet little one

  3. I think the floating bottle is perfect for Harry Potter !!
    and such a little cutie ....modelling for you :)