Wednesday, 14 May 2014

WIP Wednesday

I didn't do a whole heck of a lot in the last little bit.  Below are the next two blocks in my Harry Potter bookshelf quilt.  For those of you who know HP, that little bottle is Felix Felicis :-).

Harry Potter quilt

The next block on my table is going to be a tough one as you can see--the classic glasses!  Wish me luck.

Harry Potter quilt

I made some bunting to decorate the top of my peg board in my sewing room.  I probably could have done a couple less pieces and spaced them out more.  The fabric is Frog Prince by Tula Pink and I love it.  Either way, it's a nice addition to my room.

Some bunting to brighten my sewing room.

I took the plunge and purchased a Nessie top pattern from Craftiness is not optional.  I did my first attempt with an old t-shirt of mine because I don't want to use my precious purchased knits until I know I can do a good job.  I used the t-shirts' sleeves edge so that's why they look so good!  The neck line is where I need the most work, but all in all it wasn't awful.

First attempt at the Nessie top. I used an old t-shirt so I don't waste good fabric. I cut the sleeves from the existing sleeves to get that edge. I also used a stencil and sprayed bleach water to make that design. Bottom will stay serged-nice contrast.

I wanted to glam it up a bit so I used some bleach water and sprayed it over a stencil--I'll likely use that trick again!  The bottom edge is just serged to give it a neat look--I didn't feel like hemming it!!

Here is Abby in her Nessie top. It's a little big which is fine, but I really need work on that collar. I think I need to stretch it more?
It's a little big.  Love those legs!!!
Last but not least, I said that when I got her to wear it I would provide a picture of Abby in the top I made for her.  So here's two!

I cut the back too short, hence the extra bit!

Hey guys.

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  1. Okay, she is just precious!! And I love your bleach idea. Awesome job!

  2. She's a cutie! I love the bottom picture of her! I think the first dress I made for my daughter is the same pattern as that one. I loved the neckline on it, but I had a little difficulty with the fit across the chest. This year I cut it in half to make it into a skirt and used leftover pieces to make a headband. I digress... The Harry Potter quilt blocks are so fun! I don't have the patience for paper piecing with tiny pieces, but man they are fun to look at! Thanks again for visiting my blog today!

  3. Those blocks look great - I'm sure the glasses will go smoothly. It looks like the seams are well staggered so that you don't end up with the bulk that causes PP nightmares!

    The t-shirt turned out well but I suspect that ANYTHING will look lovely on that little angel - oh my, she is so cute!!

  4. beautiful modle you have there xx loving the bunting too x

  5. Cute bunting, and I love the little dresses. The bleach water spray is such a cool idea!

  6. Oh my those legs! Squishy and delicious. Cute tops you made. Is the one fabric with U shaped flowers part of the littlest line?
    It's darling

  7. I don't do garment sewing if I can help it, but I WOULD if I had a little one in my house who looked this impossibly cute!!!!!

  8. I love your Harry Potter quilt idea as I am a serious Potter-head - is it your design or a pattern. Also the bleach design is really cool. AND I too love those Frog Prince fabrics - really cute! (So is the baby.)