Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Better late than never.

Well, I can't remember exactly when I finished this top, although it probably is somewhere in my blog, but it was definitely in 2012.  And it languished for a long time, just needing me to finish squaring it up and put on binding.  Nothing complicated or long term! But, I wasn't ready to finish it? However, it is finally complete!!


This was from a QAL by Sew Happy Geek, button is on my sidebar.


I used leftovers from the piecing to make the binding, I had it going so that the colours graduated all the way around but I made way too much so had to cut it short so it doesn't quite work out.


I still like this quilt, but I know my tastes have changed since I put this together--it's not my favourite, but my hubby likes it so that's a win.  Not that I don't like it.


Jess and I put together our next blocks for our quilt, her's on the left and mine on the right.  I'm doing the layout from the book that has borders around all of the blocks so I chose to do it all with that herringbone print.


This was pretty scary to make.  My niece turns 2 years old today, and I didn't get a chance to go to the city and buy something so I decided to make something.  The pattern and tutorial for this top can be found here.


It is reversible, and I made quite a few mistakes, but they were all salvageable, although the ties are clearly noticeable (I didn't realize I needed 4 ties and didn't have enough turquoise) I figured that wasn't the worst thing that could happen.  It took me quite a long time to make this, but I do feel a little braver about sewing clothing and perhaps I will try again in the future.  I do hope that it fits though!!

Linking up to finish it up Friday at crazymomquilts!


  1. I really like the quilting on that!

  2. I really like the variety of blocks in your quilt. And that little top is so sweet!! I'm sure your niece will get lots of use out of it.

  3. i love the way you quilted the sew happy geek quilt. it must have a fabulous texture! beautiful work.

    Emily at backtothecraft.blogspot.ca

  4. I love how you've set this quilt, so clever :).

  5. Good to know there is hope yet for my unfinished quilt tops! Great work on the reversible top too, very cute!