Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Quilting with company

Well, we have finally done it.  A friend of mine and I are going to work our way through the book Vintage Quilt Revival one block at a time to make a sampler quilt.  She is just learning how to quilt so it's a great way to practice for her, and it's really nice for me to have someone to do it with!

Also, with my little imp, it is nice to have something that is just little, manageable bits at a time...and we can take turns keeping baby happy!


We are just using fabrics from my stash, so we'll see how it all turns out in the end! Also, it's a good way to get myself to use those *favourite* fabrics that I keep saving for "something special."


My colours are a little more muted and soft:

I know you can't really see it, but I love the grey and white tree print!!

While hers a bit brighter and more vibrant--and I'm a huge fan of how hers turned out.


I'll have to try to avoid too much pink I think so that this one isn't too girly.  But I guess with every new block we will see how these unfold!

I could never be trouble could I???

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  1. Oh those dimples and sparkly eyes!

  2. that angelic face hids a lot I would think xx so much more fun to quilt along with a friend xx

  3. Stinkin' cute!!! Really made me smile - will look forward to see your progress on the blocks! Very nice of you to teach a new quilter!

  4. What a cutie!!! And how fun to be working on a project with a friend and teaching her. I must figure out which of my friends I can convince to join me to a project!

  5. Sounds like a great idea, have fun!

  6. Little manageable bits is the only way when you have such a lovely distraction!

  7. A great way to teach a friend how to quilt - have fun with it!

  8. Your blocks are beautiful! Greay idea to choose a project you can do a bit at a time. And how cute is your Baby!